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turismo cordillerano













We can arrange for you to explore the surrounding paradise and experience the culture of its people. There are a variety of activities to meet your needs and desires. 

We Offer:

  • Amazing bike tours to the surrounding valley and vineyards.

  • Treks through La Quebrada de las Conchas; which will bring you close to the 
    beautiful and colorful rock formations within the area.

  • Treks to the Rio Colorado waterfalls.

  • Horseback riding excursions thoughtout the valley.

  • Wine tasting and vineyard tours.

  • Tours of the Quilmes Ruins.

  • 4- Wheel (ATV) adventures


  • Tours to the Quebrada de las Conchas

  • Treks to the Quebrada de las Conchas

  • Treks through the Rio Colorado

  • Tours of the Quilmes Ruins

  • Bicycle tours and rentals

  • Winery and vineyard tours

  • Artisan crafts tours

  • City tours

  • Multi-day tours

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