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  • Ciudad de CafayateCafayate is one of the most important cities in the Calchaquies Valley

  • It is located in the southern part of the Salt Province ; 180 kms from the 
    Capital, Salta, and 220 kms from San Miguel de Tucumán.

  • In the original dialect, Cafayate means `the place that has it all`.
    Without a doubt, it does !

  • The altitude and humidity create a pleasant atmosphere all around.

  • It has one of the most ideal climates for grape production ; lower vineyards produce better wines. 

  • Because of this ideal climate, Cafayate is home to many well known wineries ;
    Michel Torino, Etchart, Nanni, Vasija Secreta, Domingo Hnos. and many more. 

  • You will find a variety of culinary dishes that will please any palate. For example – 
    Empanadas salteñas, locro, carbonada, humitas en chala, tamales and a variety of wines.

  • There are an abundant number of activities that will give you the opportunity to see 
    and experience the surrounding nature and culture of the Calchaquies Valley.

  • La Quebrada de las Conchas is nearby and one of the most important geographic sites 
    in Northern Argentina. It is essential to visit this area and see the spectacular colors 
    and rock formations.

  • Cafayate is all around a pleasant place to stroll about. Italian and colonial architecture 
    line the streets and the locals are always friendly and welcoming to visitors.


Arrival by Plane:

From Salta`s Airport or San Miguel de Tucuman`s Airport, 
There are car rentals, taxis, shared taxis and buses to Cafayate.

Arrival by Bus:

  • From Salta; El Indio Bus Company has 3 buses a day to Cafayate. 180km, approx. 3 hours. Phone: (0387)-4320846

  • From Tucumán; Aconquija Bus Company has 3 buses a day to Cafayate. 220Km. Tel: (03868) -422175

Arrival by Car:

  • From Salta – Take Nacional Ruta 68 to Cafayate. 100% paved road. 
    3 hours approx.

  • From Tucuman – Take the road to Tafi de Valle and continue on to Cafayate. 100% paved road, 220km, 4-5 hours approx.

  • From Cachi – Take National Ruta 40. Unpaved road. 5 hours approx.

  • From Ruta 40 South (Belen, Catamarca) – 80% unpaved road, 6 hours approx.

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